Moving and Handling

Moving & Handling accidents cause many sick days every year, particularly in social care where the range of activities and duties carried out by staff are so varied.  Care providers have to consider not only the safety of their staff, but the rights, independence and dignity of their service users during moving & handling related tasks.  Generic manual handling courses do not take these issues into account.

Carekind Moving & Handling training is specifically designed with carers in mind.  As well as covering Health & Safety, Law and Risk Assessment, it also discusses service user rights, ethical issues, and a varied range of approaches to helping people to move, with plenty of practice and discussion time.  The courses are adaptable and can be tailored to suit domestic staff, high mobility services such as day centres or mental health services, or high-need services such as nursing homes and palliative care facilities.

Length of course: 6½ hours

Aims & Objectives:

To equip social care staff (carers and auxiliary staff) with the skills to do safe and dignified moving and handling with the people and objects in their workplaces.

At the end of the session, learners should be able to:

  • Identify how poor moving & handling can damage their backs
  • Show how H&S law applies to the moving & handling in their workplace.
  • Make their moving & handling as safe as possible using ELITE risk assessment.
  • Demonstrate how to move a range of objects using the Principles of Efficient Movement
  • Balance their own safety with the needs and rights of their service users.
  • Use safe handling skills to support the mobility needs of their service users.

Pricing: £40 per person